Since 1992 Radulov has established firm market positions in Bulgaria and abroad. For more than 25 years the company has been offerring its abundant range of high-quality soft drinks produced in accordance with the European food regulations by using quality and accordingly ecological raw materials.



The product assortment of Radulov Ltd includes carbonated and non-carbonated low-calorie drinks, non-carbonated drinks with fruit content, energy drinks, ice tea, kids’ drinks. The wide range of different bottle sizes makes it a preferred partner among the soft drinks producers. Radulov Ltd takes pride in having developed its own bottles with innovative design. This fact alone is a proof of the progressive spirit and prosperity of the company.



Radulov Ltd has its own factory, own automobile parking space with trucks and cars which allows the fast delivery to every customer in the country and abroad.




Radulov Ltd is a member of the Bulgarian soft drinks producers association. The system for quality management that has been introduced and affirmed guarantees tracking and control of each one of the production stages. Following the requirements of this standard and the quality of the soft drinks produced and offered makes Radulov Ltd a competitive partner.

As a company with established market positions and traditions in the producing of high-quality soft drinks, Radulov Ltd is constantly striving to improve its products quality, to satisfy even the most detailed requirements and wishes of its clients aiming to continual increasing of sells and finding of new market niches. This task can be accomplished only through constant improvement and professionalism in company’s activity as a result answering the contemporary trends on the market, to meet and exceed its customers expectations.



Radulov’s governance holds firm belief that for functioning and further development it is of essential use that they stay oriented toward the customer, an organization with specific committed governance at fulfilling customers’ expectations, namely invariable good quality, an objective approach to finding solutions and informing the customer. regardless of dimensions of the service performed. Our relations with customer are build on a base of our will for mutual cooperation that contributes to increasing our abilities to work effectively.

The management is trying to create the most favorable environment for applying the abilities of all the employees in the company hence increasing Radulov Ltd’s prosperity.


Private LABELS

Private label is a customized product designed for your specific market needs. It has unique characteristics in terms of appearance, design, formula and fragrance. It is an innovative product, satisfying changing buying patterns and requirements